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23 December 2014

We're in the paper

by Jennifer Smith

Not really one to blow my own trumpet (but then again, if I don't, who will?!), but...

Launch of Welsh language service

By South Wales Evening Post | Posted: December 17, 2014

A SWANSEA-BASED transcription company is expanding its offering by launching a Welsh language transcription service following record growth in 2014. Underline Transcription, which was set up by entrepreneur Jennifer Smith in 2011 and specialises in the transcription of audio and copy typing for legal, academic and professional businesses, has announced a 50 per cent increase in profits in the last financial year. After doubling its client base in the last year, Underline Transcription is launching a Welsh language transcription service as it looks to grow its client base with universities, market research and legal companies in Wales. The company is also looking to recruit additional staff who have a background in the legal or medical sectors to support this ongoing growth.


03 September 2014


by Jennifer Smith

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National Award Nomination for Local Mumpreneur

Being a parent whilst juggling a business is a hard task, and nobody knows this better than Jennifer Smith, mother of Luke, 4 and Lauren, 23 months, from Manselton, Swansea, who runs Underline Transcription. The business was launched in 2011 as a way for Jen to stay at home with her young children. Offering a professional and reliable service, Underline Transcription specialises in the swift, accurate and flexible transcription of audio for legal, academic and professional businesses. Jen has been nominated for an award at The Mumpreneur Awards 2014 in association with Amazon, a national award scheme for parents who run their own enterprise. The Mumpreneur Awards 2014 in association with Amazon are the UK's first national business awards dedicated solely to parents in business. Now in its sixth year, the awards have been a platform for many mumpreneurs to enhance their business, and continue to grow even through this uncertain economic climate. As well as being nominated in the Pillar Award category (for business to business support), Jen is also in with a chance of winning The Inspirational Business Award, which will be awarded to the parent who proves to be an inspiration to all Mums and Dads in business. Jen now has to wait until October, when she will find out whether she has made the finals, which will be taking place on 8thNovember 2014 at The Heart of England Conference Centre in Warwickshire. To find out more about the products & services from Underline Transcription, please visit Jen at Mumpreneur UK is the leading support network for mums in business, and provides online resources and support as well as an annual conference and awards ceremony. Visit to discover more.​


03 September 2014

Grievance Procedure Note Taking

by Jennifer Smith

So, it's never fun is it? Having to chair a grievance procedure with either a disgruntled or awkward member of staff can have its challenges and it's imortant to have the right note taker to pick up on all the salient points, whilst being discrete and unobtrusive. Do you take the notes? It's hard to take adequate notes when you're actually chairing the interview. But who do you ask if it's not you? Is it a manager from another department? is it a member of your HR team? A secretary? Either way, it will be difficult to have impartial note taking from them because they alreadty have preconceived ideas about the person, if not the situation. Also, they've got their own jobs and working obligations to be getting on with. The answer could be an external person sitting in with you to take notes for you - that way, you can concentrate on the questions and points that you need to raise and not worry about any bias towards either yourself or the interviewee.

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7 March 2014

Never dictated before? Not a problem

by Jennifer Smith

When I talk to people about Underline Transcription some of them say 'oh, I don't think I'd like recording my voice', and for the first few times some do find it intimidating. When your work is transcribed, as long as it's clear, it doesn't matter what your voice sounds like! Most of the time, we're so busy listening to the words to ensure that we've got it absolutely spot on for you that we don't ;hear' your voice. I have one client (she won't mind me saying, but I'll mention no names!) who was very nervous of dictating, but after the second time she did it, she told me that she couldn't live without dictating and having her work transcribed now! She dictates whilst in the office, her car, out and about, her house, everywhere... and often they're just notes or thoughts that if she doesn't get out of her head she'll forget. This way, she's got everything typed up, sent to her inbox so she can either file away or use as she sees fit. Nothing could be easier for her! If you would like to give dictating a try but are a bit nervous about it, then give me a call and I'll set your mind at ease. For new clients, we offer a free taster session of any audio up to ten minutes - so why not give it a try?

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18 September 2013

Is outsourcing transcription really worth it?

by Jennifer Smith

A lot of new clients ask me this question - is outsourcing worth the hassle? Well, it is simple to set up (not 'simple' like telephone banking!) - there are many ways to send over your dictation. ​You can email it straight from your smart phone (ideal for people who dictate in their car)​ We can set up a shared dropbox file You can upload it on our secure uploader on the website We can organise a 'feed' direct into our software So, like with many things, it may take a little bit of time to set up, but once you have it can save you so much time - and, as we all know, time is money! Have your letters and statements typed when your secretary is on holiday, or even over the weekend. If you don't finish working until after your secretary has gone home, we can have your finished document back for you in the morning - there, easy.


13 August 2013

I bet your legal secretary is overworked...

by Jennifer Smith

Transcription services aren't just for those who don't have secretaries, or for when your secretary or PA is on holiday - have a look at your secretary and see if they're frazzled. Seriously, secretaries have so much to do all the time, and half the time I bet you don't even realise how much they do to make your life easier. Give them a bit of a break, take some of that typing workload off of them, let them get on with important things in the office (prepping bundles, dealing with clients, doing that all important tender document) and send some of the typing over here. It takes you an hour to dictate that important statement that you need for tomorrow but it will take your secretary at minimum three hours - and that's if they don't have any interruptions! ​Let someone who has legal background deal with those long, long dictations, or some of the time/attendance notes and free up your secretary to do those urgent things in the office without sacrificing the typing.


25 June 2013

Why transcribe interviews?

by Jennifer Smith

Transcribing interviews - many people think that it's not necessary, but how many times have your notes or interpretation of what happened clash with the other party's views? It can be essential, especially in grievance procedures, that each party has the same view of what happened. It can be difficult, as well, to take comprehensive notes when you want to give the other party your undivided attention. If you don't, then your interviewee may feel sidelined or neglected and thus become disinterested in whatever you're trying to put to them. Now, I know that most people would find it very disconcerting to have someone else sitting in the room with them when they're possibly going through very sensitive issues - so why not ask them if you can record it? That way they don't have the added pressure of someone else in the room, but you both get a verbatim, impartial and confidential account of what happened. ​Of course, if you don't want a full transcript of what happened, you can always have them minuted, making it much easier to digest, especially with long meetings. Even if you don't have them transcribed or minuted, it's handy to have a recording because you can always refer back to it should any dispute rise.

Happy interviewing!​


18 June 2013

Why use a transcription service?

by Jennifer Smith

Well, transcription eh? People often ask me what's the point when they can type it themselves, or they've got a secretary for that... I tell them that yes they can type it themse​lves or use their secretary if they want. But what if your secretary is on holiday? What if you simply don't have the time? What if your secretary is completely overloaded and you need that urgent letter NOW? That is the benefit of transcription - all you do is send it over and you have have it back same day, overnight, weekend, whenever. If your secretary finishes at five and hasn't finished that statement, we can have it done for you in in your inbox by 9.00am the next morning. That way, you have no limits to when your work can be done. Don't get me wrong - we're not trying to replace your secretary, you need them for other essential things in the office! But do they really need to spend all day typing a two hour dictation when they could be doing more important thing? What I usually say to clients is give it a try, and if you don't like it, don't use it again. What could it harm to give it a go?​